Exhibitors at TRAFFIC SOLUTIONS EXPO are manufacturers, importers of products and / or providers of various services in all types of traffic (road, rail, water, air and post traffic).

Exhibiting areas are:

  • Politics, strategies and development plans in traffic
  • Traffic engineering - planning and design of objects in traffic, supervision and consulting
  • Systems and equipment (hardware and software) for designing, managing, measuring, monitoring and controlling traffic
  • Importing and maintenance of the traffic infrastructure
  • Mechanization and equipment for the construction and maintenance of the traffic infrastructure
  • Signalization and equipment in traffic
  • Transport of passengers - planning and organization of transport, vehicles and related equipment
  • Logistics, transport and services in transport - packaging, transshipment, storage of goods and freight forwarding
  • Mechanization and equipment for packaging, transport, transshipment and storage of goods
  • Services in Post traffic - postal items, telecommunications and connections
  • Training courses, professional education and education of participants in traffic
  • Service safety - insurance of passengers, goods, vehicles and equipment
  • Crediting businesses and businesses in the field of traffic
  • Media and publishing in the field of traffic
  • Other traffic services - fuel supplies, technical inspections, vehicle or equipment maintenance, roadside assistance, etc.